Nice Mask

These 8 tracks were chosen from still breathing projects I brought over from my previous MacBook. I think they were all started between 2015 and 2019, so this was sneakily a collaboration with my past self. I got a new computer recently after mostly working on an iPad the last couple years. I had been running into difficulty as that Mac was getting up in years, so going full DAW-mode stopped being enjoyable.

It took me about a month to finish these tracks from the state that I found the projects in. Perhaps too long, as I decided to skip any separate Mastering and released it right after my first satisfied full listen.

The titular Moog is in fact the Model D iOS app in polyphonic mode.
I think the vocal melodies all were written as keyboard parts rather than originally sung.
This track and the previous one had a now-abandoned 3rd sibling created at the same time.
This one originated from some early iPad experimenting.
Demo for a rock group I was playing with once. Named for the Bassist.
Another simple arrangement with desperate attempts to improve the fake drum sounds.
Extensive use of Spitfire LABS sample libraries for ambience. Action movie soundtrack, maybe.
I wrote this directly after walking home from seeing STB at El Museo.